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  • Fatigue causes crashes The American Medical Association’s Council on Scientific Affairs urged doctors to begin to take an active role in reducing fatigue-related crashes. Meantime, here’s what you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones–today.
  • Sleep apnea quiz Free, self-scoring sleep apnea quiz to help identify obstructive sleep apnea syndrome
  • Snoring is a cry for help Not only is snoring potentially dangerous, but it can be a warning of sleep apnea–which can wreck a life if not recognized and treated.
  • Heart disease and accidents Sleep apnea may be the hidden cause of deaths from heart disease and transportation industry accidents.
  • Clive Layton, a cardiologist on apnea and heart disease Sleep apnea, snoring, and the heart—as seen by a cardiologist By Clive Layton, London Bridge Hospital A clear discussion of the connection between sleep disordered breathing and heart disease.
  • Seven steps Seven steps to obtain relief from sleep apnea syndrome
  • Treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Its Lesser Twin, Snoring An overview of what you can do about sleep apnea and snoring by Dr. Gila Lindsley, Ph.D.Phantom Sleep Newsletters #1, from SleepWell®
  • sleep apnea FAQ Sleep Apnea FAQ (Originally created by Doug Linder)
  • S.N.O.R.E. S.N.O.R.E–Sleep apNoea / apNea Online Resource for Education (Originally created by Doug Linder)
  • CPAP and other treatment devices Treatment devices for obstructive sleep apnea include Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), bi-level positive airway pressure, and a number of intelligent, auto, and PAP devices.
  • Anesthesia and the apnea patient Anesthesia and the apnea patient Your life may depend on reading this report by Dave Hargett. Based on a presentation by an anesthesiologist to a patient education group.
  • Cuestionario de autoevaluacisn Cuestionario de autoevaluacisn de Apneas de Suego Spanish translation; with permission and on the site of a patient support group in Spain.Free, self-scoring sleep apnea quiz.
  • America is a sleeping beauty. Who can awaken her? People with sleep disorders, especially those who have received effective treatment, are a potential resource for change and should be enlisted as advocates and educators. Going beyond the 2006 recommendations of the Institute of Medicine.


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