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News groups of Sleep problem

News groups

  • There are newsgroups on chronic fatigue syndrome { },
  • fibromyalgia , dreams alt.dreams, and many other health and sleep-related topics, and if your concern is not covered, anyone can start a news group.
    Sleep Activism
  • Not a forum or list, but worth seeing what Bill Dement, the ultimate activist in sleep medicine, is doing at the Sleep Well
    Dave Hargett has started a mailing list devoted to Sleep Activism, to enable those of us who are truly interested in increasing public awareness of sleep disorders, to have a forum where we can share ideas and information in a free and easy manner, without interference from those who have no interest in the subject matter. If you are interested in joining this list, then email and in the body of the message indicate: subscribe sleep-activists. If you want more information before you join, email and in the body of the message indicate: info sleep-activists. Dave Hargett {mailto:} List Owner
  • Dr. Michael Thorpy, the Director of the Sleep-Wake Disorders Center at Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx, New York has created The Sleep Medicine Home Page at The Sleep Medicine Home Page { }. It is a master table of contents for sleep on the web–there are links for many resources. It is somewhat slanted towards a professional audience and covers topics like the physiology of sleep, clinical sleep medicine, sleep research, federal and state information, and business related groups, yet it also covers topics of interest to patients.
  • Another extensive compendium of links is SleepNet (Everything you want to know about sleep but are too tired to ask) maintained by “Sandman” at SleepNet {}. “Sandman” is Roy Smith, RSPGT, who maintains this page for the benefit of people interested in sleep and sleep disorders. Roy works at the School of Sleep Medicine in Palo Alto, California and is a contractor for NASA on the Fatigue Countermeasures Program.
  • Doug Linder, an apnoea (sic) patient and computer systems administrator, created S.N.O.R.E, information on sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. Some useful information for novice readers of is found in Linder’s Sleep Apnoea/Apnea FAQ (“Frequently Asked Questions”. Linder has generously made his materials available through the Phantom Sleep Page. Thanks, Doug!
  • Dr. William Dement, M.D., Ph.D. is a pioneer in sleep disorders research and medicine and Chairman of the National Commission on Sleep Disorders Research. Barbara Shoup manages their site of The Sleep Well at {} , providing information on sleep and sleep disorders. The topics include sleep activism, support groups, listings of professional organizations and accredited sleep disorders centers, a calendar of events, and listings of news and media events.
  • Since pulmonologists and other professionals concerned with respiratory care are often involved in treating sleep apnea, this extensive listing of respiratory health institutions {}and companies in the field of respiratory care can be helpful in locating related web sites. It is maintained by Steve Grenard, a professional involved in treating sleep disorders.
  • Patient support and education groups
    In the United States, many support groups are autonomous local organizations and may be supported by a local hospital, sleep center, or home care supplier.
    In Chicago: A.W.A.K.E. – Elk Grove Village at Alexian Brothers Medical Center Auditorium A of the Brock Medical Building at Alexian Brothers Medical Center in Elk Grove Village.
  • The active and innovative A.W.A.K.E. New York group has a page A.W.A.K.E. New York at which serves as their newsletter. Marlene Greene, an active member and officer of the AWAKE group, maintains this resource in order to help others with sleep apnea. Her other interests include theatre and computers.
  • The American Sleep Apnea Association {}promotes education and awareness, the A.W.A.K.E. Network of voluntary mutual support groups, research, and continuous improvement of care. There is no publicly available directory, you need to join to get a reference to a local group if one exists.
    Attention: Annette Van Rensburg Sleep Apnea Help & Support Group (South Africa) POBox 351, Pietermartizburg, 3200 South Africa Tel: 0331-421-913 FAX: 0331-452-162
  • Annette Van Rensburg
    Annette Van Rensburg
    Australia New Zealand South East Asian markets
    Mr. Leslie Louttit Sleep Disorders Australia, SDA Bookshop POB 303, Roseville NSW 2069 Tel: 02 9990 3514 (which goes to a voicemail if not answered)FAX: 02-9416-9727
    Australia now has a national group for support, education, and advocacy and their site
  • Sleep Disorders Australia is worth a visit. Several regional groups for support and membership. Many benefits from joining, for example, the printed newsletters are of the highest quality. For information, contact: to
  • Sleep Disorders Australia < >Sleep Disorders Australia
    England, Great Britain
    Mrs. Claire Mitchell Sleep Apnoea Trust 99 Mill Hill Road, London, W38OF Tel: 44-181-992-9920 Fax: 44-895-449-849 (Attention: Bob Mitchell) Sleep Apnoea Trust
    mailto:satrust@aol.comSleep Apnoea Trust Apnoea Trust
  • Spain
    Roncadores Ansnimos. Asociacisn de Transtornos del Suego (Snorers Anonymous, Sleep Disorders Association.
    Spain has an education and support group, Roncadores Ansnimos. Asociacisn de Transtornos del Suego (Snorers Anonymous, Sleep Disorders Association. Their web site
  • Books, book reviews, bibliography
    Book reviews by Lynne Lamberg
  • Lynne Lamberg, who has written several books on sleep topics, has a column of reviews of books on sleep {}.
    Reviews and Bibliography of Sleep and Sleep Disorders
    This bibliography is designed as a resource for people with a sleep problem. It is intended for those who are taking responsibility for their own health in partnership with competent professional care-givers or learning how to get a correct diagnosis and effective treatment. The references are listed under five headings: a) Books on snoring and sleep apnea; b) Book on sleep disorders in children; c) Internet resources on snoring and sleep apnea; d) Books on achieving good sleep and overcoming other sleep disorders e) Books on the science of sleep, sleep medicine, and policy Bibliography of Sleep and Sleep Disorders {}
    Extensive Annotated Bibliography of Sleep and Sleep Disorders
  • The ASDA directory of accredited centers and laboratories {} can help locate the accredited facility nearest to you. A sleep disorders center is a medical facility providing clinical diagnostic services and treatment to patients who present with symptoms or features that suggest the presence of a sleep disorder. A laboratory for sleep-related breathing disorders provides diagnostic and treatment services limited to sleep-related breathing disorders, such as obstructive sleep apnea syndrome.


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