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 These articles are provided as a public service by the National Sleep Foundation to help you learn about the fascinating world of children’s sleep.

Children’s Sleep Habits

Sleep is one of the most important requirements in early childhood development. It is important to understand your child’s changing sleep needs and habits as they grow.
Learn about children’s sleep habits…

Children’s Sleep Problems

69% percent of children 10 and under experience at least one sleep problem a few times a week or more, but only about 1 in 10 parents asked their child’s doctor about a sleep problem.
Learn about some of the most common children’s sleep problems…

Children’s Sleep Sheet

Sleep is a vital need, essential to a child’s health and growth. These tips and guidelines can help you make sure a child develops good sleep habits.
Read some helpful tips, sleep facts, and common myths about sleep…

Los Niños Y El Sueño

El sueño es esencial para la salud y el desarrollo del niño. El sueño promueve el sentirse alerta, tener buena memoria y comportarse mejor.
Spanish language version of the above “Children’s Sleep Sheet”…

The Sleep Of America’s Children

A national survey of children’s sleep habits reveals that children aren’t getting the sleep they need.
Read the surprising results and learn why parents need to make sure their children get enough sleep…

Sleep Practices And Tips For Children

Children sleep needs change as they grow. Learn how to help your child get the sleep she or he needs.
Read about children’s changing sleep needs and tips for sleep at different ages…

Children And Snoring

Many if not most children snore on occasion, and about 10 percent or more snore on most nights.
Learn when snoring is normal, and when it can be a sign of serious sleep problems…

Common Sleep Disorders Linked To ADHD

Studies show connections between ADHD and common sleep disorders in children.
Read how one sleep expert is exploring this connection between sleep and behavior…

Children, Obesity, And Sleep

Obesity in children poses serious health risks, including putting children at greater risk of sleep apnea.
Learn about the connections between obesity, sleep, and children’s health…

Sleep Problems: Undiagnosed In Pediatrics

Sleep problems can cause a wide range of other health problems. But, evidence suggests that health professionals are not looking at the sleep habits of their pediatric patients.
Learn how one study found that sleep-related health problems were seldom diagnosed correctly…

Getting A Sleep Study

The first step in helping treat sleep problems is often getting a sleep study.
Read a sleep expert’s answers to common questions about sleep studies…

Sleep And Childhood Injuries

Does your child fall down frequently or have an unusual number of injuries? It may be that she or he is sleep-deprived.
Read about the connection between sleep and childhood injuries…

Classroom Guide To “Time To Sleep”

“Time To Sleep” is a fun booklet that teaches children about sleep.
Download a free Teacher’s Activity Guide and find out how to get copies of “Time To Sleep”…


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