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SLEEP DISORDERS IN CHILDREN :How to help your child sleep through the night.


How to help your child sleep through the night.

Most people have trouble sleeping once in awhile. Some things can keep you from getting a good night’s sleep. But there are lots of things you can do to help yourself sleep well.

Children With the Sleep Disorder of Sleepwalking

Lack of sleep in childhood linked to behavioural difficulties later in life

Some children and adults can have trouble getting a good night’s sleep even when they follow all the sleep tips. These people may have a sleep disorder. Some people with sleep disorders don’t sleep well at night or are very tired during the day. But, other kids with sleep problems may not feel tired during the day. They might have trouble paying attention, get into fights with family and friends, or feel down and sad. If you are very tired during the day or not sleeping well at night, talk to your parents and doctor.

Children who get less sleep are more likely to suffer from symptoms of anxiety, depression and aggression later in life, a new study has found.

You spend the day running on the playground, learning at school, eating meals, and at night your body and brain get to rest, right? Wrong! In fact, while you are off in dreamland, your body and brain are very busy getting ready for a new day. That is why it is so important to give yourself time to sleep.

Lack of sleep linked to more injuries in kids

How to Recognize a Sleep Disorder in a Child



Link between sleep lack and weight gain in kids

Some dreams can be scary. Find out how to take the FRIGHT out of NIGHTMARES.





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  1. Anak saya laki2 usia 3 tahun, mempunyai gangguan tidur sedari bayi berupa ngorok saat tidur, bernafas dg mulut dan nafas yg berat, kadang sampai tersedak dan batuk2..ada saatnya kdg anak sy tidur dan tdk bernafas beberapa saat kemudian terbangun untuk mengganti posisi tidurnya.
    Saya merasa sangat khawatir melihat anak saya seolah tidak bisa menikmati tidurnya.
    Sering bolak balik ke dokter anak, dan terakhir 2 dokter anak menyatakan anak saya trtkena bronchitis asmatis.. Tetapi obat2an yg diberikam tidak banyak membawa perubahan.
    Langkah Apa yg hrs sy perbuat??

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