Posted by: Indonesian Children | August 17, 2009

Sleep Apnea and Autism in Children are Closely Associated

Melatonin is the hormone responsible for ensuring healthy sleep among humans. Children who are suffering from sleep apnea disorder or any other sleep disorder generally have deficiency in the capacity of secreting the melatonin hormone. Children who are suffering from ‘autism spectrum disorder (ADS) and ‘fragile X syndrome (FXS) have been observed suffering from sleep disorders.

Among such children the melatonin levels have also been recorded as abnormal. Melatonin, the natural hormone helps in promoting good sleep at night.

According to a recent research study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine the behavior therapies and specific sleep hygiene practices in addition to the melatonin supplementation would be an ideal combination while treating the children with ADS and FXS. Both ADS and FXS have been recognized as the most common forms of inherited mental impairments.

Researchers conducted study with 12 such children who had ADS or FXS and belonged to the age group of 12 and 15.25 years. When given an additional melatonin supplementation these children could increase their total sleep duration at least by 21% compared to the normal.

Similarly, the researchers also recorded that the average length of time required these children to start feeling tired was reduced by 28 minutes remarkably. At the same time the children were found to be falling asleep faster by 42 minutes compared to their normal routine.

Researchers believe that this finding is remarkable in the sense that it will help treating children with autism. Researchers also think that these findings will pave the way further for evolution and development of standard treatment based on symptoms in very near future.


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