Posted by: Indonesian Children | August 23, 2009

Singapore children get less sleep than those in Western countries

Nearly 45 per cent of parents in Singapore believe their children are not getting enough sleep, far higher than the estimated 26 per cent of parents in Western countries, a published study said on Monday.

The Asia-Pacific Paediatric Sleep Alliance surveyed the guardians of more than 30,000 infants and toddlers worldwide.

Parents in the city-state are around the Asian average when it comes to fretting over snoring and night-time waking, said the findings in The Straits Times.

The average bedtime for a Singaporean toddler is 9:45 pm. It is about 8:30 pm in the West, the study said.

“We don’t really know why Asian children sleep less,” Dr Daniel Goh, who co-authored the study, was quoted as saying.

Culturally, it may be the norm for Asians to stay up later and work later than people in Western countries, he noted.

The study found higher rates of Asian children share their parents’ rooms, which might be correlated with later bedtimes, he said. (dpa)



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