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Pediatric Sleep Disorders – Sleep Rx

  • Understanding Sleep Disorders: Signs & treatments of common childhood sleep disorders – From Disney
  • Childrens Sleep Problems – The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  • Parents Place – Sleep Concerns – Ask the Pediatrician
  • Sleep Patterns in children – Loyola University Health System
  • Your Child and Sleep
  • Childhood Insomnia – Sleep Hygiene
  • School Start Time Study
  • Students Of All Ages May Be Missing a Key Ingredient To Good Grades: Adequate Sleep (Sorry – This link not working due to their web site changing — I will try to find where the article can be accessed. 4/17/98)
  • Sleep Deprivation Induces Later School Start Times
  • Research Underway: sleep vital to a child’s recovery – Shriners Hospital
  • The Latest Trend in Childrearing is the Family Bed
  • Nurturing Online – Natural Parenting Site – Has some articles on co-sleeping
  • The Book Well – Books for parents and children about sleep and dreams
  • Kids’ Health Online — Kid’s Health Matters Reports contains these sleep-related articles on: Back to sleep campaign, bedtime fears, bed-wetting, sleep disorders and SIDS.
  • Things That Go Wrong in the Night – Information on Infant Apnea, Childhood Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Sleepwalking, Nightmares, Night Terrors, Bedwetting and Rhythmic Disorders.
  • Baby and Child Place
  • Childrens Neurological Disorders Program
  • Parenthoodweb — How to Get Baby to Sleep Through the Night
  • A Better Bedtime Plan



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