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Sleep disturbances in allergic diseases.

Sleep disturbances in allergic diseases.

Baiardini I, Braido F, Cauglia S, Canonica GW.Allergy. 2006 Nov;61(11):1259-67.

Allergy and Respiratory Diseases, DIMI, Genoa University, Genoa, Italy.

Sleep is fundamental for physical and mental health as well as daytime performance and represents a crucial aspect in the personal representations of well-being. Sleep disturbances in patients with chronic disorders constitute a factor that contributes to exacerbate symptoms, complicate management, and affect mood and quality of life (QoL). Allergic diseases are a global health problem of increasing prevalence that affects up to 15% of the population in Western countries. Sleep problems associated with allergic diseases may play a role in worsening the burden of illness, contributing to impairment of the QoL. The aim of this review was to describe the most common causes leading to sleep disturbance in allergic patients and their consequences on the QoL. The possible negative effects of treatment on sleep parameters has been also considered.


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