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Physician Practice Information: The Practice Expenses and Characteristics of Sleep Medicine

Special Article

Physician Practice Information: The Practice Expenses and Characteristics of Sleep Medicine as Compared with Other AMA-Recognized Medical Specialties

Caroline Blehart

Special Projects, American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Summary: This report introduces the Physician Practice Information (PPI) Survey and its findings. Background information on the PPI Survey is explained, as is the Survey’s importance to the field of sleep medicine. Statistics reported by the Survey regarding Practice Expenses per Hour (PE/HR) for various specialties are analyzed in comparison with those reported specifically for sleep medicine. The similarities and differences between sleep medicine and all other medical specialties surveyed in terms of practice characteristics are also discussed.

Analysis of PE/HR data found that sleep medicine payroll practice expenses are closest to those of obstetrics/gynecology, likely due to the employment of technologists in both fields. Regarding supplies and equipment expenses, sleep medicine is most similar to radiology, cardiology, and spine surgery, probably due to the use of disposable medical supplies. In terms of total PE/HR (less separately billable), sleep medicine is most like obstetrics/gynecology, orthopedic surgery, and otolaryngology. The full cause of this is undeterminable from the PPI Survey.

Some areas of dissimilarity in regard to the practice characteristics of sleep physicians and all physicians surveyed across all specialties were found. Most of these fell in the area of “practice size and function of non-physician personnel.” Overall, the results of this section of the PPI Survey show that sleep medicine is practiced in a manner similar to that of the various specialty fields of all physicians surveyed across all specialties but still maintains some unique practice characteristics.

Keywords: Practice expenses; practice characteristics; medical specialties; sleep medicine; practice information

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